Elemental Exiles Press Kit

Basic Info

Developer: Final Game Studio
Twitter: @finalgamestudio
Developer Website: http://www.finalgamestudio.com
Elemental Exiles Website: http://www.elementalexiles.com
Release Date: 20th August 2024

Localized Game Titles

English : Elemental Exiles
English : Elemental Exiles
Français : Elemental Exiles
Español : Elemental Exiles
Deutsch : Elemental Exiles
Italiano : Elemental Exiles
Português : Elemental Exiles
Pусский : Странники стихий
日本語 : エレメントの流浪者たち
한국어 : 엘리멘탈 엑자일스
简体中文 : 元素孤旅
繁體中文 : 元素孤旅

Press Contact

Daniel O'Byrne
Email: press@finalgamestudio.com

Detailed Game Overview

Elemental Exiles is a roguelike deckbuilder inspired by other popular card-battler games like 'Slay the Spire'. The game sees you travelling across the world fighting monsters, overcoming narrative encounters and growing your deck as you attempt to complete your chosen character's personal quest.

Here are some of the areas that differentiate Elemental Exiles from the other games in the genre:

Narrative Focus:

In Elemental Exiles, you plays as one of 12 unlockable characters as you travel across the world to complete that character's unique personal quest. Every character has their own story to play through, and they starts in a different place on the world map and have their own quest objectives and initial deck of cards.

Semi-Permanent World Map

The game takes place on a large world map, with a variety of different routes to reach each location. While the challenges faced in many locations change on each run, certain key encounters such as shops and world bosses don't move, so you uncover more of the map each time you run through the game and can use this knowledge to plan out routes that better suit your current deck and strategy.

Disruptive Game Design

Elemental Exiles was designed to disrupt the usual deckbuilding strategy of trying to optimising your deck into a perfect engine that only does one thing but does it so well it can steamroll over the late game. Elemental Exiles counters this in a number of key ways to regularly forces players to change up their deck and adapt to new conditions:

  • Card Durability: All cards have a limited amount of uses before they are permanently destroyed. This makes it harder for players from building decks around a single overpowered card, as that card will eventually be lost.
  • Blessings & Curses: Narrative events regularly reward (or punish) the player with Blessings or Curses that can last between 4 and 8 battles. These can radically change the viability of a deck by, for example, increasing or decreasing the cost or strength of certain types of cards.
  • Elemental Strengths & Weaknesses: Many enemies are naturally strong or weak against certain types of cards, so while a specialised fire deck might crush a nature enemies, it could struggle against water enemies.
  • Forced Deck Alteration: Some narrative events will have the player choosing between options that will alter their deck by adding, removing or replacing certain cards.

Conditional Turn-Based Tactics and Synergies

Most of the cards in Elemental Exiles have secondary conditional effects that players will want to trigger as often as possible. These conditions can have a massive effect on both per-turn tactics and longer term deck building strategies. Examples include conditions such as:

  • If this is the first card played this turn...
  • If the last card played was a defend card...
  • For each fire card in your hand...

Store Description

Follow a cast of unique characters in this Deck Building Roguelike, expanding your arsenal of abilities to overcome any challenges that stand in the way of your chosen hero's personal quest as you explore the world, adapting to new twists on every playthrough.

Unique Playable Characters

Play as one of 12 unique characters scattered across the map, each with a diverse deck of abilities at their disposal. Guide them carefully across the world to advance their own personal quest and help them achieve glory - or at least closure. 4 Characters are unlocked from the start, but there are 8 more hidden out there in the world for you to find, each with their own unique story to play through. Start your journey with one of these characters:

  • A naïve Elven warrior still determined to protect the village that exiled them...
  • An old Dwarven researcher searching for a very specific piece of hidden knowledge...
  • A bitter bounty hunter determined to track down her treacherous former partners...
  • An abandoned young water mage searching for the master who betrayed her...

Vast Explorable World

With each step your character takes, uncover more of the world around you. Watch the vibrant landscape reveal itself as you journey forth, filling in an expansive map that persists across playthroughs, allowing you to revisit your favorite places, address unfinished business with new tactics or forge a new path entirely.

Conditional Card Tactics

When you choose to play a particular card can be just as important as which card you play. Cards in Elemental Exiles have additional effects that only trigger when certain conditions are met - such as being the first card played on your turn, or being played immediately after another card of a specific element. Whether or not you manage to trigger these extra conditional effects can be the difference between victory and defeat, so be sure to keep possible synergies in mind when choosing new cards for your deck.

Elemental Interactions

Most cards are attuned to one of three elements - Fire, Water or Nature. Each of these has a corresponding strength and weakness - for example, Fire actions are strong against Nature and weak against Water. Naturally certain enemies and bosses also favor a particular element, so while your Fire deck might crush a group of tree spirits while travelling through a forest, it's going to struggle against a hoard of angry water elementals you encounter while walking along the coast... Will you try to specialize in one element to increase synergy? Or will you favor a more balanced approach to reduce your potential weaknesses?

Key Features at a Glance

  • 12 Unlockable Characters: Each character starts in a different location on the world map and has their own personal quest and starting deck of cards.
  • A Huge World to Explore: The Map has over 200 unique locations and while most encounters will change between playthroughs, knowledge of traversable routes and certain key boss locations will be preserved.
  • Challenging Tactical Battles: Take on over 300 unique battle scenarios, each with their own combination of enemies and tactics to overcome.
  • Intriguing Narrative Events: Make your choices carefully as some encounters can have significant consequences on your deck - both positive and negative...
  • Blessings and Curses: An event might reward you with a blessing that reduces the cost of certain types of cards for several battles - or punish you with a curse that does the opposite...
  • Inventory Items: Up to 4 potions or bombs can be stored in your inventory and used at any time in a battle to help give you an edge just when you need it.
  • Relax and Stock Up at Inns: There are 14 unique inns hidden throughout the world, allowing you to spend your hard earned gold on new cards, items and blessings.
  • Dynamic Deck Building: Each battle fought or event overcome might give you a chance to add a new card to your ever-changing deck.
  • Card Durability: Your cards wear down with each use before being permanently lost, so you'll have to constantly update your deck and adapt your tactics to survive.

About the Company

Final Game Studio is a one person indie game development studio based in Dublin, Ireland. It was formed in 2017 by Daniel O'Byrne as a way to release the various games he had been developing in his spare time. Final Game Studio will focus on developing and releasing fun and highly polished games in a wide variety of genres. Its first game, AuroraBound - Pattern Puzzles, was launched on all major mobile platforms in May 2017 and was then followed by several other mobile focussed puzzle games, before development eventually began on the Studio's first major PC release - Elemental Exiles

Daniel O'Byrne is an Irish game developer who started working at StoryToys in 2011. While there he developed over a dozen critically well received Children's Apps, including 'Power Rangers Dino Charge Rumble', 'Batman Unlimited - Gotham City’s Most Wanted' and 'Planes 2: Fire & Rescue'.


Alpha Gameplay Trailer

Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnginJCCvUs

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